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Beli Forklift Mitsubishi terbaru disini! Dan dapatkan promo Forklift Mitsubishi terbaru untuk dapatkan berbagai keuntungan!

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Deskripsi Jual Forklift Mitsubishi Murah

Anda saat ini sedang cari Forklift yang mampu meringankan segala pekerjaan di gudang Anda dengan harga yang relatif murah dan kualitas prima? Forklift Mitsubishi solusinya! Hari ini kami sedang ada promo Harga Untung khusus Forklift Mitsubishi semua tipe dan semua tonase! Hubungi kami sekarang juga agar Anda tidak ketinggalan promo Harga Untung dari kami.

Beli Forklift Mitsubishi hari ini dapat promo Harga Untung!

Promo yang diberikan WIJAYA EQUIPMENTS sudah termasuk:

  • Layanan pengiriman cepat ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia
  • Garansi terbaik dikelasnya
  • After sales service sesuai dengan harapan pelanggan

Forklift Mitsubishi Features:


Panel Cabin
From a simple but effective roof-only option to a totally enclosed and air-conditioned steel structure, the VersaCab range of panel cabins offers a variety of flexible configurations.

Custom-designed to fit our trucks perfectly, VersaCabs are stylish in appearance and can be removed in minutes whenever the weather is more suited to open air operation.

Panel cabin choices include:

  • High-visibility overhead guard roof featuring protective steel shield and tough polycarbonate plate; giving a clear view of raised forks and loads
  • Laminated glass-front screen with wash-wipe system, providing optimum operator protection and maintaining high visibility.
  • Tempered, hinge-opening rear window with wash/wipe system, providing optimum operator protection and maintaining high visibility.
  • Siding side windows and steel doors with a choice of heating or air conditioning – maximising operator comfort and safety.

ClearView overhead guard

Crystal clear upward views

Traditionally, operators have been protected from large failing objects by metal bars in the roof of the overhead guard. While they’re effective in shielding the operator, they present an obstacle to his or her vision.

Shielding against objects large and small, this revolutionary design has no bars to impede the view. It’s a tough, transparent shield that improves visibility while protecting operators against both small and large objects.

The benefits include:

  • Clear-view design improves visibility while still protecting operator for safety
  • Resistance against scratching, weathering and deterioration for total and lasting transparency